August, 2nd to 4th, 2013

  • 23th jun 2013
    New Website
    Our young guys has now made a new website. Please go to this site and register NOW. You can se your registration within a few minutes after submitting.
    We will send you payment instructions soon after registration.

  • 7th dec 2012
    European Boomerang Championship 2013 is now coming up
    It is arranged by Danish Boomerang Federation in Kastrup, a suburb to Copenhagen on the island Amager, which is close to the airport (3km), on the area which actually is our home base.

    We will also have fun competition on one or two circles beside the field, which will ensure that everybody have FUN. The rules are described in FUN Rules and incorporated into theschedule for EBC2013.

Last updated 7th dec 2012